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June 25, 2016 Orange County, California








3PM @ Newport Beach Civic Center
100 Civic Center Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660
4PM @ The Wayfare HQ
270 Baker St. E Ste 200 Costa Mesa, CA 92626


They meet at PeopleSpace and spend an hour talking about life, work and charity.


He asks her out. She politely declines.

3.19.14 - 2.5.15

He recovers. They see each other in passing from time to time.


Both attend another PeopleSpace event. He offers to walk her out. They talk in the parking lot for two hours.


Given all they have in common, he suggests they work on something together. She says yes and they exchange numbers.


He asks if she wants to come over to work. She says yes.


She goes over, they don’t work, they go to eat. With his roommate… but, they still consider it their first date. 🙂


She asks him to coffee, but insists she only has 30 minutes. They’re out for four hours. He falls in love (no, seriously).

2.23.15 - 5.19.15

He was sure. Took her a little longer…


She realizes she’s in love too! Yay!!!

5.19.15 - Today

And they fall more in love and more in love and more in love and (well, you get it).


He proposes. She says, “of course.”
Our mutual passion for entrepreneurship and love of giving back is what started the first of our many conversations. Discovering that the foundation for these passions was our faith in Jesus drew us even closer. We want our wedding to reflect these foundational facets of our relationship and through it help someone discover their dream of self-sufficiency. In lieu of gifts, we’re asking for contributions to our newlywed fund, a portion of which we’ll donate to Kiva, a nonprofit that connects people through lending to alleviate poverty. People like Jackline.
John Wayne Airpot
Located in Orange County, about 3 miles away
Long Beach Airpot
Located in Long Beach, about 20 miles away
LAX Airport
Located in Los Angeles, about 40 miles away
We’ve blocked rooms especially for you at the Hilton in Costa Mesa, less than a mile from the reception venue. Click below to reserve rooms at the group rate (no code needed) and book by June 10 to receive the discounted rate.
If you’d rather be closer to the beach, park or anything else, there are TONS of places to stay nearby. Stay in Costa Mesa or Newport Beach to be close to the festivities.